So who needs people?

The arguments about out-sourcing and whether we should allow domestic resources to be owned by ‘foreigners’ have become futile. The real threat for all of us is that human beings are becoming redundant. Here are a few examples:

First up – we are teaching machines how to kill people. We have robots, drones, warbots. These machines allow us to kill at a distance, without human contact. A French TV documentary last week showed young ‘pilots’ looking through the ‘eye’ of a drone at people thousands of miles away, selecting a target and then firing (just like a video game). Sometimes there is a loss of contact with the warbot (signal failure, weather etc) so they are now developing ‘bots that will be able to act autonomously – making their own decisions about killing humans.

Next – money. The stock markets of the world are now dominated by what they call algorithmic trading (also see my previous post here). Super fast computers, acting autonomously, have been responsible for driving the markets higher over the last year earning billions of pounds for their owners. ZeroHedge reckons that Goldman Sachs alone was making $100 million a day. But there are risks, being on the technical edge means that things can go wrong. Last year Bloomberg reported on a major risk to Goldman here and ZeroHedge speculates on some current problems here.

Politics. The US Supreme Court has ruled that you don’t need people to fund politicians – corporations can bankroll any candidate. Think about it – if the predatory US banks do not like what Obama has proposed about new bank regulations, they can use their ill-gotten gains to replace him. And they will.

Finally – jobs. Have you heard that the recovery will be a ‘jobless recovery’? (If there is one.) In other words it will be a recovery that does not benefit people – just the ‘economy’! How does that work? Well, we now have ‘just-in-time‘ employment. People working for pennies per minute and cast away when no longer needed.

Robots to intimidate and kill, computers to skim and channel the wealth, zombie enterprises to keep us in wage slavery.

Forget the idea that business is about human beings, that a corporation is just a legal way of enabling people to work together for a common purpose. We are rapidly moving towards corporate feudalism, that has been clear for some time.

But it looks like the corporations will have less and less need for people. Those that are needed will either be seduced into serving the predators machine or herded into work gulags by the warbots. What a brave new world.

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