Small steps to a far place

We have had shocking confirmation this week of the British Governments corrupt knowledge of and complicity with torture. The public have yet again been lied to about this most depraved of human activities.

Many small steps can take you a long way. Alan Dershowitz is a renown lawyer, academic and pursuer of anybody he deems to be anti-Semitic. He holds strongly to the uprightness of Israel and wholeheartedly condemns the Holocaust.

He has danced around the issue of torture for years. For instance in this article he called for changes to international law so that democracies should not have to fight terrorism ‘with their hands tied behind their backs’. Not long after 9/11 he advocated warranting the use of torture.

In his search for arguments to justify acceptance of the use of torture he has ended up in a most extraordinary place.  During an interview on Radio 4 this morning (starting about 24 minutes into the clip) he invoked the effectiveness of torture by the Gestapo.

Gestapo Torture Cells

The Gestapo. What a role model for Dershowitz. Where some of us would condemn the Gestapo and all their works – Dershowitz says of them:  “hey, torture worked for the Gestapo!”.

How does it end up this way? Group think. No time to question.Keep your head down and get on with your job.

A mob chases a terrified man down a street – he trips and they are upon him – each one punches and kicks yet no one kills him. Still, he ends up dead. Who did it? The mob did it.

No one person could create the Holocaust – but when thousands (millions) of people go along with it, each just doing their bit, filling out their piece of paper, ticking their boxes, they become like the mob. They may feel that they have deniability – but they did it.

As tyranny and torture stalk our green and pleasant land, we are all responsible – and must each act.

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