Guns ‘n Banksters

If you think the Greek people are being unreasonable in failing to do ‘the right thing’ and pay their debts – think again.

The billions of euros of bailout is not intended to redeem the debts of Greek people  – it is for crooked global predators who are sucking the life-blood out of the middle-classes as they crash their economies and destroy their savings.

In this case, the loan is conditional upon Greece honoring massive arms deals with France and Germany. The money will be used to pay for warships, warplanes and bombs.

The rest will be used to bail out French and German banks – the same old scam that we have seen in the UK and USA. Each time we are told that the sky will fall in if we do not hand over enormous amounts of money to the banksters.

First it was Hank Paulson – the US financial system will fail; then Alastair Darling – cash machines will fail; now it is Angela Merkel – the future of Europe is at stake. We have to pay them or else.

Or else what? If the banks went bust it is the bankers and their greedy accolytes who would lose out. It would provide clear irrefutable evidence that our financial system is a sham – a fiat money system designed to filter wealth upwards (you don’t still believe that ‘trickle-down’ stuff do you?).  Small savers and investors could be supported at a fraction of the cost of the present bailout.

We could find new solutions: community banks, local currencies and LETS. Sticking with the present system means that paying for banker bonuses becomes our purpose in life – it’s why we work! That prospect provokes Max Keiser to say the bankers should be decapitated!

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