ConDemned to the Shock Doctrine

Nick Clegg seems like a nice chap, creates a favourable impression and appears to hold decent values. But what about his beliefs? Look at the influences on him:  comes from a banking family (his father is chairman of United Trust Bank) and the Tory grandee Lord Carrington, a family friend and ex-chair of the Bilderberg Conferences, got him a job with another Thatcherite, Leon Brittan, in Brussels. hmmmm.

One of the first acts of the ConDem alliance has been to announce the creation of an Office of Budgetary Responsibility, headed by Sir Alan Budd,  which will carry out an immediate audit of government spending.

Budd was a hardline economic adviser to Margaret Thatcher, Chief Economic Adviser to the Treasury under Major and became a founding member of the Bank of Englands Monetary Policy Committeee under Brown. An establishment figure to his fingertips.

Budd is quoted as describing the Thatcher strategy thus:   “… rising unemployment was a way of reducing the strength of the working classes. What was engineered – in Marxist terms – was a crisis in capitalism which recreated a reserve army of labour and has allowed the capitalists to make high profits ever since.

The likes of Budd are put in place by the financial predators to provide a faith-based message which bamboozles gullible and not very bright politicians. Economists like him and Galbraith are responsible for peddling the kind of psycho-economic nonsense that created the enormous sovereign ponzi-scheme we have today.

It is extraordinary that, despite having been thoroughly discredited by their failure to anticipate the accelerating collapse of the global financial system, they are still in place – while those who accurately predicted the devastating human and social consequences of fear-and-greed based policies are ignored by the main-stream media. People like Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff and Max Keiser get virtually no airtime in the UK.

Economists like Budd are the high priests of the predators fiscal religion – a religion that preys on the public and sucks more and more wealth and power into the hands of a few.The beliefs they espouse are designed to bind the unthinking as they pray at the alter of consumerism.

People like Lloyd Blankfein, head of Goldman Sachs, no doubt privately pray that the public do not look up from their kneeling posture and see the naked greed that drives them and their acolytes. After all, it was Blankfein who recently proclaimed that he is ‘doing God’s work‘.

While predatory greed drives the corporate world, it needs the self-serving ignorance of politicians to provide respectability. The politicians are owned by the corporations and will do their bidding – appear before cameras, articulate policies and appoint economists and bankers to run committees of inquiry. The committee then provides a faith-based, ‘reasoned’ argument for tightening the screw on the public.

And so the politicians have cover – they have deniability. By putting the Budds in public view they can be endlessly quoted and debated – the frame is created and the agenda set. One may argue the merits of this or that religious (economic) belief but the game is set, the rules in place. And the ratchet clicks another notch towards totalitarian control.

You can’t step out of the box  – or can you?

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