… at the gates of Rome

The Roman empire was eaten from the inside by wide-spread corruption, and battered from the outside as it failed to crush the rebellious natives in foreign lands. The final insult was the arrival of Hannibal knocking at the very gates of Rome – the first time for hundreds of years that a foreign army had touched the seat of empire.

How ironic that, as a corrupt and enfeebled America finds itself unable to bend a sparsely populated, backward, ‘stone-age’ country to it’s will, it too has been invaded.

Mexican drug gangs have taken over parts of Texas and Arizona.The gangs are taking it very seriously, using live firing ranges and combat training to prepare themselves for battle.

The massive amounts of money that flow into the coffers of the various drug mafia are a significant part of the ‘liquidity’ on which banks depend, so it is no surprise to see banksters involved – providing cash and facilities to the mafia businesses. Recently major US banks admitted that they failed to report their money laundering activities on behalf of Mexican drug gangs – to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Mexicans may well be fighting for drugs, but they will also be taking back their country – occupied in the days of the Alamo by (mostly) Tennessee insurgents. The spur for the Texan fight for independence was that Mexico had recently abolished slavery, so the white settlers were fighting to retain their right to own slaves.

What a movie! Mexican bandits in the role of freedom fighters: providing drugs to undermine the evil empire; then using money from crooked banksters to take back their homeland from the descendents of the wicked slave-owners. I wonder if Hollywood will buy it?

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