Baiting a Wikid Trap?

The story about the release of tens of thousands of US military documents by Wikileaks rumbles on. The latest spike in noise comes from the Pentagon who have (not unsurprisingly) said: “We want our documents back!”.

Given that Wikileaks are accused of endangering the lives of both US troops and their Afghan informants, the Pentagon request that Wikileaks “do the right thing” seems rather tame.

It’s not as if the documents have told us anything new, they are certainly not like the ‘Pentagon Papers‘. There is no suggestion of a threat to the position of any senior military or political person as a consequence of their leak.

Similarly, after the Wikileaks release of a video showing the US military deliberately killing members of an unarmed Reuters TV crew, the only prosecution has been against the person who is accused of leaking the video!

So, lots of noise but with no real consequence – what’s going on?

There have been suggestions for some time (see here and here) that Wikileaks is in fact a US military PsyOp. Initially I treated these reports with some skepticism. Now I am not so sure – maybe it is a trap, designed to suck in whistle-blowers and distract us with surface noise?

What has moved my mind is a profile of Julian Assange the editor-in-chief of Wikileaks on BBC Radio 4. Various people who have worked with him are introduced and use words like: charisma, talented, anti-hero, driven, genius, inspired.

When the establishment fetes somebody as an anti-establishment figure I get bothered – it just does not ring true. There is a long list of people who have something to contribute on everything from climate change to banking crimes to social unrest who are never reported by the establishment.

People like Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, David Ray Griffin, Alex Jones or Richard Gage – these are voices the establishment really does not want you to hear.

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