A Rent-boy’s Rent-boy

The London Independent’s John Rentoul is at it again, writing in defense of his beloved Tony Blair he follows his usual course of putting up silly straw men which he then proceeds to knock down.

The rich and powerful inheritors of monarchical power depend upon the defense of such unquestioning and foolish people (another example of which is Tom Mangold’s explanation of David Kelly’s death).

The existence of a ruthless, malevolent and very powerful elite should be clear to any student of history. They fund both sides of war (a model perfected by the Rothschilds) and all major political parties. This corrupt, squabbling and malign group did not disappear as democracy emerged. They simply used PR to stay out of sight. They own most of the mainstream media and need apologists like Rentoul to write as if they do not exist.

The Blairs of this world sell their souls to gain access to this elite group. They have power and Blair is a rent-boy for power. This morning I heard him argue for military action against Iran – this from the Middle East ‘Peace Envoy’ – the obscenity of the man! It is no co-incidence that he has ended up being paid by JP Morgan and receiving oil-for-blood money from Iraq. It is what drives him – and probably always has.

Mr Rentoul would protest that the BBC et al. are anti-Blair – not so, Blair gets what he wants – publicity. The BBC do not focus on the corrupt and self serving aspects of his career, but instead promote his book with selected extracts, talking about personality tiffs and legacies.

The media prefer to chase some poor, young Pakistani cricketer who received a few pounds for bowling a no-ball! Now that is a worthwhile crime to expose – never mind all the dead trailing in the wake of the Blairs and Bushs. Iraq – all over, move along please, nothing to see.

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