A failure to communicate …

… or, a few things the mainstream media was not reporting this past weekend.

The Internet: A Swedish political party – the Pirate Party – is working hard to create an internet free from the intervention of Google, Microsoft and other such government agencies. Iceland is similarly acting to become an international haven for press freedom. (Maybe all us bloggers should move our servers there?)

Banking: It is also reported that banks are compounding their grand larceny with (by their standards) petty larceny. Not content with having defrauded taxpayers world wide of trillions in order to pay their bonus billions, they also want their homes.

But like most fat, monopolistic bullies, they have become lazy, after all they are only dealing with the little people – consumers. Unfortunately for JP Morgan, some judges are spoiling the scam and actually requiring them to have legal title to the property they want to sell.

Of course a cynic might say that the banks don’t really want to foreclose – because that would mean selling the property and realising the actual market value rather than retaining the exaggerated book value. And that would demonstrate that the banks are bankrupt and only survive on state welfare (our handouts).

GDP: Media pundits talk about China being the new global economic engine, now that the USA’s economy is being flushed down the toilet. They breathlessly discuss GDP growth of 8% – what they don’t tell you is that this growth really is explosive!

China apparently erects 2 billion square meters of building area every year, which fuels an awful lot of GDP. But they are also blowing up a lot of new square footage – often even before it is finished!

demolition - chinese style

You know what? – that looks just like one of the twin towers in New York – except in China the controlled demolition started at the bottom, not the top!

Twin Tower Demolition
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