Kindness sees no crime

Detective Inspector Kindness, has testified before the Inquest into the London bombings on 7th July 2005 (7/7). He stated that on Monday 11th July 2005 his team spotted an image of the four suspected bombers walking through the Thameslink tunnel in the direction of the mainline Kings Cross station.

According to Kindness this image led his team to search through CCTV footage from the eight stations (including the other Luton station, Luton Parkway – serving Luton Airport) on the Thameslink route: viewing car parks, station entrances, foyers and platforms. Despite the enormous volume of footage to be reviewed they managed to identify the four men at Luton station 24 hours later, on the 12th July.

The police therefore focused their search on Luton because of information received on the 11th July.

The problem with this is that subsequent cross-examination of DI Kindness (by Counsel for one of the families) revealed that a log entry in the Anti-Terrorist Branch SO13 record showed that viewing of the Luton station footage started on the 10th July.

How did the police come to view Luton CCTV footage before the men had been identified at King’s Cross and Luton was identified as a candidate station? How can it be that, over five years after the biggest murder inquiry in British history, there is such a serious error in the time-line of events.

At the time there were many reports in the press about how the bombers were caught on camera at different moments in London on that day  (see here, here and here).

However, further questioning of DI Kindness revealed that the “CCTV-rich” environment of London Underground was rather impoverished on the 7th July.

Kindness testified that:

Of the 76 cameras at Kings Cross only one worked for a short 20 minute period, when it took the single image of the four men in the tunnel referred to above.

There is no CCTV of them purchasing tickets at Luton.

There is no CCTV of them on the train.

There is no CCTV of the the four men at Kings Cross.

There is no CCTV of Khan heading West on the Circle Line.

There is no CCTV of Tanweer heading East.

There is no CCTV of Hussain heading South.

There is no CCTV of Hussain inside McDonalds (where he is supposed to have inserted a battery into his bomb) – the camera was turned off just before he entered.

There is no CCTV of Hussain on the number 91 bus.

There is no CCTV of Hussain on the number 30 bus.

So, although there is plenty of footage of them in non-incriminating circumstances (buying petrol, shopping, in London for a ‘rehearsal’) there is no incriminating footage. How can it be that the cameras work so well in all these other cases but fail extensively at critical moments?

There has never been an official inquiry into the events of the 7th July 2005 (Tony Blair said it would be a ludicrous diversion). We have only had an official narrative, written by unnamed civil servants, the contents of which have never been subject to judicial scrutiny. It’s various claims, evidence, accusations have not been tested in court. Indeed some of the claims have already been retracted.

Apart from the single image referred to above, no CCTV footage has yet been produced of any of the ‘bombers’ anywhere on the underground trains or platforms on that day. So exactly how were they identified as the bombers?

While it is important to ask of the government “Where is the evidence”, it is also important to ask “Where is the media”. The information so far revealed during the inquest raises serious questions about the official Government narrative yet this aspect has gone unreported in the mainstream media (MSM).

We used to have investigative journalists in Britain, where are they now? The MSM is put to shame by the serious, intellectually honest research of sites such as the July 7th Truth Campaign, who also produce a careful analysis of proceedings at the the current inquest.


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