Wettins don’t say sorry

The difference between the wannabe predators and the real deal has been reinforced this month.

Lord Young spoke candidly when he claimed that most people in Britain had never had it so good and referred to the ‘so-called recession’. He was forced into a ‘grovelling apology’.

The banker and prospective lord, Howard Flight, was also forced into a ‘grovelling apology‘ after suggesting that the middle classes would be discouraged from ‘breeding’.

Both these financial elitists were simply reporting the world as they see it, and for their gang things are getting better and betterthey have never had it so good. But they misjudged the media mood, letting their arrogance get away with them for the moment.

That’s the problem with being a wannabe, sometimes you stretch too far.

Members of the House of Wettin, have no such problem, they don’t need to say sorry. When your name is Prince Andrew you can pretty much say what you like. Remember ‘Randy Andy‘ is a member of the House of Oldenburg on his fathers side and the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (senior branch of the House of Wettin) on his mother’s side.

These two houses have supplied most of the Royal Families of Europe for the past few centuries, look here for a list of the male members of the House of Wettin. This is a family that has built up power, wealth and prestige for a thousand years. As Gerry Adams famously said of the IRA: They haven’t gone away you know.

They took cover after the first world war, in Britain changing their name to ‘Windsor‘, encouraging the illusion of democracy and people power. But, like the Rothschilds, they are still there; still rich; still powerful – and still working to keep it that way.

The wannabes wanna be like them, they fight and struggle to get close; seeking to suckle on the dirty auras of these ancient predators. But their apologies tell you they are not there yet. You only say sorry when people matter.

Wettins don’t say sorry.

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