Revolution … and yet, and yet.


On Friday 11th I was enthralled by the events in Egypt. I watched Aljazeera live for most of the afternoon. As the news of Mubarak’s departure reached the crowd in Tahrir Square they erupted with joy. The sheer happiness of the people was so infectious that it brought tears to my eyes.

They had lived with the daily fear of abduction by the police and had overcome it. Abiding by their deepest beliefs and principles they had achieved something almost impossible to imagine – the peaceful overthrow of a ruthless, well established dictator.

What joy. What hope for us all.

…. and yet – questions arise. The army is now in power. Generals picked by Mubarak are in charge, setting the timetable. One would anticipate this risk – but there is something else.

There is talk of CIA involvement – a Brzezinski inspired strategy of destabilisation through “colour revolutions“. Two years ago Egypt rejected the idea of a US nuclear umbrella for the Middle East, a serious setback to the US build up against Iran.

This made Mubarak a target. His overthrow has set the scene for a rolling destabilisation of the Middle East – which we are now witnessing in Bahrein and Libya.

Predators understand the advantage of sowing chaos and confusion amongst their prey. A new set of rulers, whose road to power has been sponsored by the various intelligence agencies of the West, will be more compliant than the old.

… and yet, and yet again. There is risk to these plans of the would-be king-makers and manipulators of the West. When people get a taste of freedom their appetite grows.

We are all complex dynamical systems. And as such, really out of control.

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