Heir apparently

A French friend showed us some portraits hanging in his salon. He was particularly proud of two, dating back to the French Revolution. One was of a member of the nobility, who subsequently had his head chopped off and the other was a revolutionary, an executioner.

Much of his furniture also comes from that (or an older) period. I am reminded of the Alan Clark (old money) quote about Michael Heseltine (new money) to the effect that Heseltine “had to buy his own furniture“.

Growing up surrounded by the family history, isolated from the hoi polloi and regaled by stories of the past, it is no wonder that people like Clark, while charming and amusing on the surface, have warped and emotionally crippled inner worlds.

Clark was interviewed by John Pilger and had this to say:

JP “Did it bother you personally that you were causing such mayhem and human suffering (by supplying arms for Indonesia’s war in East Timor)?”
AC “No, not in the slightest, it never entered my head.”
JP “I ask the question because I read you are a vegetarian and you are quite seriously concerned about the way animals are killed.”
AC “Yeah?”
JP “Doesn’t that concern extend to the way humans, all be it foreigners, are killed?”
AC “Curiously not. No.”

As Clark says in one of the clipsMy responsibility is to my own people“. Indeed, and who are ‘my people‘?

Clark’s world view is typical of the old families that dominate the British establishment. Just think for a moment about the influences on a young man like William Windsor. His grandfather Philip, was raised by Nazis, and Philips cousin and good friend, Prince Bernhard, was a member of the elite Nazi SS, as were Philips brothers-in-law.

Bernhard only renounced his membership so that he could marry the prospective Queen of Holland. Bernhard of course was one of the founders of the secretive but extremely powerful Bilderburg Group.

Many of the British Royal Court were closely associated with Hilter, Edward VIII was so close that he had to abdicate. Family gatherings must not have been for the liberal minded! Indeed the affinity for Nazi power and regalia continues to this day, getting Harry Windsor into trouble when he wore a Nazi costume to a fancy dress party. His choice speaks strongly about his inner fantasies and dreams!

William is a member of the House of Wettin, a dynasty founded by Dietrich I, who was born in 916. For over a thousand years his family descendents have murdered, raped and pillaged their way across Europe, seeking to consolidate power and wealth.

The family history is one of in-fighting and intrigue: brothers and sisters fighting each other or their fathers: in-breeding as they marry amongst themselves (like Victoria and Albert) for political, monetary or territorial advantage; madness, as their social isolation and intermarrying bears fruit.

What inner worlds they must have, trapped in their finery, their cruelty and their insanity. So many of us live amongst the ruins of human aspirations brought low by the selfishness of this greedy elite.

The House of Wettin is older than Capitalism or Socialism and cares nothing about either. The only way you keep such a family business going for a thousand years is through a ruthless dedication and continued focus on what is important – power and control. After so many generations it gets into the DNA.

Hitler and the Nazis were an inevitable, indeed necessary, consequence of the values and priorities pursued by the Wettins. As the twentieth century unfolded, the corporate strategy of the Wettins moved from overt physical domination of the serfs to a more subtle control through public relations and consumerism.

Now we have become economic serfs, but we still need external threats to keep us focused – to deny us the time to think, to reflect, to dream. Take center stage Hitler, Stalin, Saddam – tools of these ancient predators. Although publicly vilified, in reality they are simply modern incarnations of those blood-thirsty early Wettins.

The Wettins have no problem with these dictators values or methods – they understand them. But they do recognise some need for change, for instance the bloodline must be refreshed occasionally. So they welcome people like Kate Middleton into the family for breeding purposes.

The entrance of each of these fragrant young things also provides an opportunity to refresh their public image. Behold! the Wettins are born anew, risen from their musty crypts, they appear before us, refreshed and revitalised. They give us time off work, entertainment, fairy tales and we give them  – everything!

We forget, but they don’t, surrounded by their history and memories.  Like a Freemason enjoying the secret symbolism embedded in his public speech, which only other Brethren will recognise, the Wettins too put secret messages in their public statements. They know what they are saying.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence that William and Kate chose to be married on the 29th April, the anniversary of Adolph Hitlers wedding to Eva Braun … isn’t it?

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