Breeding Psychopaths

Remember the movie ‘Alien’? The creatures were bred to be an invincible army of psychopaths – totally aggressive, killing without remorse or compassion.

We find them alien because most people don’t like killing. Human beings seem to be hard-wired to not kill each other. During WW2 only about 15% to 20% of soldiers in combat actually fired at the enemy – 10,000 rounds were fired for each death. Only 1% of pilots shot down around 40% of the enemy aircraft. As Harry Patch reported from WW1, they tried not to kill German soldiers, they aimed for their legs.

All of which creates a problem for a warfare based economy. War is necessary to the modern military-industrial-drug based society and vital as a means of laundering money through the financial system. Each missile, bomb or bullet writes off debt and it’s replacement generates new financial instruments (at the tax-payers expense).

So, if we don’t like war, but war is deemed necessary, something has to change. And that something is us. We need to be conditioned to kill, desensitised to each other, trained to see each other as objects. We need more psychopaths – they presently only account for 1% of the population.

So we train our young people to kill: ‘Target practice on hollowed cabbages filled with ketchup to mimic the way a bullet rips open a human head. Marching to chants of “kill, kill, kill.”  Video game simulations that reward points for every successful “shot.”  These are among hundreds of techniques that experts say can recondition the human brain.’

British troops in Afghanistan have their own reality snuff television. ‘Kill TV Nights‘ when they can watch actual footage of people being killed – including women and children. More and more modern movies and video games include realistic and gruesome scenes of torture.

We are breeding our own aliens, a generation of psychopaths within. Are we ready for the consequences?

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