Provoking the little guy

My recent post, Boiling Frogs was a reminder about how attention is manipulated by the MSM. Given the ‘outrageous’ attack on British Embassy facilities in Iran, it is worth reflecting on some history.

The Independent’s Robert Fisk recently described how Britain and America joined forces to overthrow the duly elected Iranian government of Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 (in Britains case, not for the first time). MI6’s man in Tehran was a Colonel Monty Woodhouse, whom Fisk knew well – describing him as ” a ruthless man”.

Fisk reports that: Woodhouse brought weapons into Iran for a still non-existent “resistance” movement and he eagerly supported the CIA’s project to fund the “bazaaris” of Tehran to stage demonstrations (in which, of course, hundreds, perhaps thousands, died) to overthrow Mossadegh.

Sound familiar – think Iraq, Libya, Syria?

Let’s fast forward to the bright new twenty-first century.

2007. The CIA receives Presidential authority and funding to use covert black operations to destablise the Iranian government.

2010. Cyber-warfare. The US and Israeli governments use the Stuxnet virus to attack Iranian research facilities.

2011. An Iranian missile site explodes, killing 17 people, including the General in charge of missile development. Israel is thought to have carried out the attack.

In between there have been numerous attacks on military and civilian targets, including assassinations and abductions.

The MSM shapes our views by both omission and inclusion of stories, as well as by innoculation of ideas and rehearsed scenarios.

Just think how often we have seen a script whereby some big tough guy will repeatedly poke at a smaller person until he is provoked into a response. Usually because he has something the big guy wants.

By the way, Iran has the third largest oil reserves in the world.

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