The real story

I recently came across a 1977 article by Carl Bernstein (he whose reporting helped expose Nixon) where he documents the effective take-over of the US media by the CIA during the preceding twenty five years. This has been reported elsewhere as ‘Operation Mockingbird‘.

We British are rather good at keeping such things quiet, although small tit-bits can still be found – such as the naming of Dominic Lawson (son of Nigel and previously editor of the Spectator) as an MI6 agent during a parliamentary debate in 1998.

Bernstein points out that the extensive use of reporters (whether employed directly as agents or indirectly as informants) does not happen without the explicit involvement and support of the newspapers executives.

Which brings us to today’s headlines about News International – this time about collusion between ‘a senior police officer’ and a newspaper executive (Ms Brooks no doubt). It raises the question of who is using whom? Are the papers shaping the police agenda or vice versa – either way, what really happened?

Terence Blacker, writing in the Independent recently commented upon how, when describing conflict, there are ‘… two types of wartime bloodshed: the horrors committed in Syria or Pakistan; and our own benign, efficient and oddly bloodless involvement‘ he went on to say that it ‘… feels like propaganda‘.

Propaganda, while ostensibly about ‘influencing attitudes’ is more deeply about control – about setting an agenda and ensuring an outcome.

The Bernstein article was written thirty-five years ago, before the emergence of mobile phones, social media and automated surveillance. Those manipulators of the fifities and sixties would have loved today’s technologies.

Well, they may not be around to use them, but their descendents certainly are; descendants who have inherited all the beliefs and motivations of their predecessors. Their propaganda has a hidden purpose. We can guarantee that the news that reaches us each day will fit a larger pattern.

For example, next time we read about Iran or Syria we must remember that the game is Geo-politics and power – and that we can not be sure who is writing the stories that influence us. In the context of a global strategy, destabilising Syria is important as a means of weakening Iran; Iran is important both for resources and for weakening China and Russia … and so on.

Many innocent people will be killed, pawns in the great game of global chess, but they do not matter. That is why we will not be told about the real agenda, but must have our attitudes shaped and moulded as directed by the puppet masters.

If we were to be told the truth, we would object, so the real purpose must be hidden behind smoke and mirrors. Normal, decent people do not like the idea of indiscriminately killing the innocent. That is not how we have survived and developed as a species.

Don’t believe the nonsense about survival of the fittest, the need to fight our way to the top, the idea that nature is simply red in tooth and claw. These memes are central to the propaganda of an emotionally crippled elite; a group of people whose in-breeding over the centuries has created a kind of psychopathically modified organism. An organism which, if successful, will destroy the host on which it feeds.

For that host is humanity. A humanity whose noblest instincts are towards development and communication, a humanity striving to rise above its past, to share community consciousness.

We humans got here by helping each other, by giving freely, by demonstrating humanity. That’s the real story – check it out for yourself.

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