Causality and good news

Each time a certain customer entered, the barman noticed that before tasting his first drink, he would turn the glass three times. Finally the barman just had to ask why.

The man looked around conspiratorially, then explained “It’s to keep the elephants away!”. “But” the barman exclaimed, “there are no elephants for miles!” “See” said the man triumphantly “it works doesn’t it!”

Where do you look to ascribe causality? If a car has an accident was it the physical condition of the car or road, poor driving skills, lack of attention, dangerous driving, not obeying the rules, fate, some deeper purpose in the driver’s life or does stuff just happen?

This last year has seen a massive build up of warships (including three enormous aircraft carriers), war-planes and troops in preparation for an attack on Iran. In parallel a US and European backed insurgency has endeavoured to create a revolution in Syria. Britain and France have special forces operating there and US trained Al-Qa’ida fighters moved to Syria from Libya.

Syria is important because it’s radar facilities would provide early warning to Iran of an Israeli attack, in addition it’s support for Hezbollah would allow them to simultaneously launch an attack on Israel.

If you think selling a new brand of toothpaste or the latest iPad requires a carefully orchestrated marketing operation, think how much more sophisticated is the marketing of a new war.

The scene has to be set, someone has to be publicly branded as a bad guy. The media have to be supplied with lots of focussed talking points (memes). Experts (retired generals and diplomats) have to be briefed and made available for interview.

Overwhelming force has to be in place so that ‘shock and awe’ can entertain the viewing audience back home. The target has to be intimidated and softened up with sanctions and ‘peace promoting no-fly zones’. Finally ‘Wag the Dog’ type justification has to be presented through a combination of false flag attacks and manufactured witness statements. All this takes time and careful planning.

Suddenly, the talk is that the attack on Iran will be postponed to next year, the time is not right. The US carriers are reported to be moving away from the Gulf – Israel will wait. How do we explain this ratcheting down in tension? Did somebody turn their glass round three times?

Or perhaps it is to do with Russian and Chinese support for Syria, as they make their counter moves on the ‘grand chess board‘ of global geo-politics?

Then again, maybe we should thank all the good souls on the internet, working for peace, trying to expose the corruption and negativity of our warfare economies. People like the makers of this video, highlighting the imminent sacrifice of the USS Enterprise on the alter of corporate greed.

On the other hand, it could just be that we live in the best of all possible worlds, safe in the care of a benign universe, which seeks only to provide for our real needs.

You choose.

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