A keeper of Sheeple

A couple of years ago the mainstream media regularly attacked blogs as being written by sad, lonely people with nothing better to do than vent their deranged spleen against the world in general.

As the institutional corruption of the mainstream media (MSM) has itself come under the spotlight, the blogosphere has become accepted as a more reliable source of information. And not just reliable, but more immediate. Those who use the internet for their news, regularly experience newspapers and television to be behind the curve.

MSM news is not just behind the curve, but presented from an establishment perspective (in other words, censored). Consequently, the blogosphere has coined a phrase for the gullible public – they call them ‘sheeple’.

This week the sheeple are ‘shocked, shocked‘ to discover that a government minister has knelt down to kiss Emperor Rupert’s ring. Shock-horror, we must have an inquiry (who pays for that?), has the ministerial code been breached? Was a senior politician’s behaviour less than ethical?

Oh, please! Senior politicians and the MSM have known about this all along – they are the one’s doing it! It is not news to them! What we have is entertainment. All the excitement, the breathless commentary, the interviews, the video clips, are about entertainment – ‘bread and circuses’ for the sheeple.

If we peer under the Dirty Digger’s rock, we will find darker secrets. When the Murdochs slide the knife into Hunt – it’s not an act of revenge (Hunt is insignificant). It’s a warning. A warning to the establishment not to go too far. A warning that Murdoch could say so much more.

We were told that News International had deleted millions of emails. Suddenly all these details relating to Hunt appear. A coincidence? No. Remember all the secret meetings and conversations with Blair in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq? You better believe that Murdoch has kept extensive records.

If details of those meetings with Blair, Straw et al became available, the British establishment would be rocked to it’s foundations. They would provide evidence of conspiracy, and would be the basis for charges of war crimes to be brought against senior British and American politicians.

They would demonstrate that up to a million people were killed for the corrupt ambitions of a select few sociopaths, their intellectually flawed spin doctors and their obsequious aides.

The sheeple should know that Murdoch is simply saying “… okay, have your day – but don’t go too far”.

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