Sorry, Harry

You can’t make this stuff up. Harry Windsor has received the 2012 Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership Award for charitable work with wounded soldiers.

Since Harry’s billionaire family are supported by British tax-payers to the tune of nearly £200 million a year, his ‘humanitarian’ work is hardly charitable. It’s not as if he slogs away at a daytime job, then, after rushing home and supervising the childrens homework, makes time, in the evening and weekends, to give voluntary support to wounded soldiers and their families.

But there is a deeper obscenity here. Remember that Harry’s chosen persona for fancy dress parties is that of the Nazi SS, his grandfather was raised by Nazis and great-grandfather was forced to abdicate because of his proximity to Hitler.

His family have been directly responsible for the death and wounding of more British soldiers than any other crime family you can think of. The Windsors, who changed their name from Saxe-Coburg during the First World War (under the advice of spin-doctors of the time) are the dominant strain of the House of Wettin.

For centuries, the primary cause of national debt has been the desire of the sovereign to wage war. Austerity is the price ordinary people pay for the debt of their sovereign – yet this connection is rarely made explicit.

The Wettins have grown and consolidated their family powers for a thousand years. Had they applied that power to education and human development we would be in a different world now.

But they have not. Instead, this privileged elite have diverted enormous human effort to the dark side, siphoning off the productivity of nations to their personal benefit, or channeling it into yet more murderous weapons systems.

William Godwin wrote in 1793: “There are few subjects upon which human ingenuity has been more fully displayed than in inventing instruments of torture“. Not much has changed. Just look at the enormous research and development into new ways of waging war: from drones to miniature robots to chemical weapons. Austerity provides welfare support for warfare.

With great power comes great responsibility. Given the blackness at the heart of his family, it would be appropriate for Harry to apologise to all those wounded soldiers rather than take credit for helping them.

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