Beams and Motes

The Independent on Sunday has an exclusive report that the UK Government is to attack the ‘it’s not my fault’ culture of excuses offered by ‘troubled families’.

Eric Pickles MP

The attack is to be led by Eric Pickles MP (right), who is quoted as saying: “(we will be) … more forceful in language, a little less understanding”.

No doubt, following the principle of leading by example, Mr Pickles will be making an appointment to sit down with Mr Gideon Oliver Osborne (also known as GOO or George) to talk about his letter, published today in The Daily Telegraph.


In this letter, Mr Osborne argues that Britain’s economy is in deep trouble, but that it is not his fault – blame the Europeans!

Perhaps, like the poorly educated and under-qualified members of the ‘troubled families’ Mr Pickles is attacking, the Oik really does believe that the country’s economic problems are nothing to do with him.

After all, how would he know? Before joining Conservative Central Office, his only jobs had been entering the names of dead people into a NHS computer, and folding towels at Selfridges. So you see, it really isn’t his fault at all, he has just found himself in a job for which he is not qualified. He is simply out of his depth and struggling to get by.

Fortunately, he and his political and financial friends will be able to rely upon welfare support. This is provided, by the tax-payers, to struggling banks and corporations through Quantitative Easing and other forms of financial chicanery.

But, wait a minute. Isn’t making excuses and blaming somebody else in order to benefit, just the kind of behaviour Eric Pickles objects to? Before making such judgments, he might be advised to consider the beam in the government’s own eye.

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