Collateral Damage from the United States of Europe

We are on trajectory for a United States of Europe (or what some people refer to as the Fourth Reich).

If you have ever had to steer a course on a boat or plane, you will know of the need to constantly make course corrections. Sometimes small nudges, sometimes large tacks, as you deal with cross-winds or unexpected tides – frequently the vessel is pointing in a direction other than where it is going. It is no coincidence that various governments have established ‘nudge‘ teams.

The move towards fiscal unity in Europe requires the reduction in power of each national center. One vital step is the removal of national central banks. What we are witnessing, with all the fuss about Greece, Spain, Italy et al., is a navigation towards the ECB lending directly to European banks – cutting out each local central bank.

As this happens, through ‘force of circumstance’, the national central banks become redundant and the ECB strengthened. The ECB of course is dominated by, and effectively funded by, Germany. The MSM whips up fear in the public through the hysterical portrayal of doom and provides the ‘force of circumstance’ necessary to nudge back on course.

Thus we have the ECB driving the economic policy of Europe and the Federal Reserve driving that of the USA. What about Asia and the UK?

Magnificently unreported in the Main Stream Media has been the establishment of what is intended to become an Asian central bank – the ASEAN Bank. This represents a massive threat to the dollar as it facilitates and encourages international trades and swaps which do not involve the dollar.

The ‘Colonel Blimp‘ mentality in UK, which derides the Euro and pats itself on the back for not getting involved, represents ignorance in full flight. As we see a global currency war being fought out between the mammoth economies of Europe, Asia and the USA, what we get in the UK is ‘King hits the panic button‘. (The primary purpose of this kind of headline is to explain the absolute necessity of giving £140 billion to the banks – nudge, nudge.)

This has moved beyond nationalism. For example, no doubt there are significant ‘Brits’ within the ranks of the global elite whose agenda this represents. But it would be a mistake to think of any members of this group being emotionally attached to one particular country. They are globalists, focused on their own benefit.

The City of London provides a safe haven for international financial (and other) terrorists, being the least regulated and most secretive of the global financial centers. That status will be preserved. As for the rest of the UK economy, the prognosis is more austerity and a decrease in living standards.

In the titanic global struggle taking place below most people’s radar, the UK economy will just be collateral damage.

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