Boiling the Lance

William Banzai gives another slant on the Lance Armstrong saga by putting the peddle pushers crimes in context, when he writes the following:

Let’s put the lying and rule braking (pun) aside for a moment shall we.

What great sin is it that Lance Armstrong has committed?

Performance enhancement?

What sin is that in a society that pumps its children full of ADHD medications to enhance educational performance and pumps its financial institutions full of moral hazard, worships teams of steroid gladiators on any given Sunday, pumps it’s economy full of QE and fiat stimulus like there is no tomorrow, consumes food modified by all manner of genetic, hormonal and chemical agents, is addicted to $8 cups of coffee,  idolizes silicon breast implantation for the perfect female form and consumes Viagra voraciously.

A society that can no longer function without the mass consumption of psychotropic drugs.

One can only wonder…

Wonder indeed at the loss of context, as we see the assault rifle mote in another’s eye, while ignoring the national arm’s sales (of tanks, mines, WMDs …) beam in our own eye.

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