Deafened by gossip

Edward Snowden is gradually slipping from the top of the front page, to further back in the news. Now the talk is about what kind of software is reading your Facebook entries. The Pew Research Center reports that most Americans don’t mind being spied upon. They shrug and move on.

This should not be a surprise. When millions of people happily share the details of their lives with all and sundry, through social media, why would they get upset? Making your private life public is the whole point! The Cyber Self cares little for privacy.

But wait. Perhaps there is another story here. Below the surface.

After all, this is not news. Many of us have known about GCHQ and the NSA exchanging data for over twenty years. It was clear back then, how they got round their own national restrictions on spying upon their citizens. The NSA spied upon the UK and gave the data to GCHQ and GCHQ spied upon the US and gave the data to the NSA.

Indeed, it was public knowledge during the Bush Administration that the US engaged in warrantless wiretapping.

What might be more significant is that this comes on top of a whole slew of accusations against the Obama Administration. The President is personally attacked about the continued existence of Guantanamo, drone wars, IRS scandals and even his Attorney General, Eric Holder, is under investigation for possible perjury!

WashingtonsBlog makes a strong argument here, that there are other, deeper reasons for the spying. Such activities are integral to the shadow administration set up as part of the Continuity of Government protocol initiated by the 911 declaration of a State of Emergency (which continues to this day).

Webster Tarpley, a well informed expert on International Terrorism, has a parallel perspective. He sees powerful forces manoeuvring against each other in the Western world.

On the one side are the Neo-Cons, committed to world domination, starting with instant war in Syria and Iran. On the other you will find the Neo-Liberals backing Obama. They want a softer approach, colour revolutions and gradual whittling away at enemies like Russia by more subtle methods, like sanctions.

Under this scenario the Neo-Liberals are holding back from a Syrian attack while seeking to undermine the Iranian economy. But the current spate of attacks on Obama are orchestrated by the Bilderberg Neo-Cons, seeking to oust Obama, install ex-General Petraeus and further destabilise the democratic process in America.

The current State of Emergency would ensure that Continuity of Government is maintained during such difficult times by the temporary imposition of Martial Law and suspension of The Constitution.

Those who don’t care about being spied upon might want to know about this scenario. Where is a free, informed and, above all, investigative press when you need it?

It looks like those ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ have been right all along – now, about 911 …….

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