Fracticide – don’t do it!

Fracking is spreading over the face of the earth like a swarm of locusts consuming everything in it’s path. Is this how it ends – a dark wave of fracking engulfing us, polluting our water and making our land uninhabitable, as we commit fracticide?

Fracking – responsible, environmentally concerned people are incensed by the damage to the environment, the toxic carcinogens that are pumped into the ground and the pollution of the water table. They have all the data and rational arguments on their side. But they are losing the battle.

The real argument is not about facts and issues and data – it is about morality. Almost everything about fracking is deeply immoral. The corporations that do it are like enormous, obese teenagers throwing their weight around. They have never learnt self-control or self-discipline, they dominate and threaten their parents (us).

They are destroying wealth-creating businesses and jobs as they turn our farming communities into deserts, where townspeople have to queue up for water. They are a pestilence, spreading disease and illness to the people they touch. Consumed by their own greedy avaricious desire they extract as much as they can from each human resource they come across.

These unruly, selfish corporate teenagers do not care that they are destroying other people’s livelihoods: they promote a warped view of the American Dream. A view which says everyone must learn to stand on their own two feet. If you don’t make it, it is your own fault – you just did not try hard enough. You lacked the necessary self-discipline.

But these teenagers do not stand on their own two feet, they stand on the backs of millions of hard working people – extracting good will, hope and humanity from each of them in the same way that they extract gas from the earth. By fracturing their communities and poisoning their minds with toxic attitudes.

They have not made it by their own hard work, but by deception, corruption and fraud. They have no self-discipline. They cannot help themselves, they have to consume more and more, with no respect for authority or consequence. They have bribed and infiltrated governments in order to make and change laws. They have trumpeted warped, anti-human, immoral values through countless think-tanks in order to frame the debate.

And it has almost worked. But there is still time if we will each face up to our own responsibilities and assert our innate parental authority over these relentlessly greedy children.

Those who want smaller government must also demand smaller corporations. Reducing the size of government without addressing the malevolent power of the obese trans-national corporations will leave us completely at their mercy.

Corporations need to be brought down to size.

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