A timely response to snooping

We have just implemented a fantastic NSA/GCHQ-proof communication system!

Not only is this system impervious to all known email interception and decryption techniques, but it also provides time and a breathing space for busy people.

How does it work?

Well, when we wish to share some information with a friend, what we do is write it onto a piece of paper, put it into an envelope with a stamp and the address of the recipient, then post it into a mailbox!

Storing and analysing millions of emails each day is not too hard for modern software, but it won’t work with old-fashioned letters!

Do you remember when the fax became ubiquitous? It was quite shocking for the legal and accounting professions, because they were suddenly expected to respond the same day.

With email and social media, even 24 hours is too long to wait, so now we are expected to respond within minutes to ‘urgent’ communications. What started out as a great tool for getting lazy lawyers to respond, has become a slave-driver, whipping us if we don’t reply quickly enough.

Such hasty responses are just not compatible with human information processing, learning and decision-making. That is one reason why many bad decisions are made. There is a clue in the fact that so many projects fail and have to start over. Failure to understand and learn leads to the same approach being tried over and over again – even though it did not work the first time.

Next time you want to share something important, try using snail-mail. The pace of life becomes more humane. What has become the province of government and employers, becomes our own again. We can take our time.

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